Darina Peeva

As an artist, I am much interested in the process of changing the image through the various stages of printing and reproduction. I value the experiment in all its forms, as I use the classical techniques of deep print, photography, text and collage. I use photographs of elements and objects of the surrounding environment, easily distinguished images and texts, which I alter by means of computer programs. Thus an image or a sentence may change either its context or its meaning. Manual printing, due to its specifics, changes the images once again and adds traces of damaged surfaces, lines and unequally spread layers of ink to the compositions. The compositions, created in this way are situated between “reality” and “illusion”, memories and dreams, letting the viewer include their own interpretations and personal attitudes to the pictures that have been watched. I am also deeply interested in my new searches in the transformation of the drawing sheet from its two-dimensional limitation in the frame of the picture to a three-dimensional object, freely situated in space.

The topics which have great impact on me are influenced by the global political and social processes, as well as by the changes occurring in the lives of ordinary people, due to the new social medium.